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How to start a Nonprofit Organization in U.S.

Incorporating your nonprofit will set legal protections in place that can keep you and your directors' personal assets separate from the company's liabilities. There are a number of other benefits to forming a nonprofit, as well.

In general, nonprofit corporations enjoy the following benefits:

  • Limited liability protection. Directors and officers are not personally liable for the organization's debts and liabilities.

  • Perpetual existence. The corporation continues even if a director leaves the business or passes away.

  • Eligibility for grants. Nonprofits may be eligible for certain public and private grants.

While nonprofits are bound by different state laws than for-profit enterprises, in general their formation processes are quite similar. Like a regular corporation, nonprofits must file Articles of Incorporation with the state in which they wish to incorporate. can help you form a nonprofit corporation in any state or the District of Columbia and assist your nonprofit by providing the forms necessary for it to obtain tax-exempt 501(c) status with the IRS.


It is important to remember that a 501(c) must satisfy certain conditions and requirements imposed by the IRS to obtain and maintain tax-exempt status. cannot provide legal or tax advice regarding these conditions and requirements and it may be necessary for your nonprofit to consult with other professionals, such as lawyers, accountants or tax advisors.

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Ready to incorporate your Nonprofit

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